by Walter Savitch

I have been using this book as the primary textbook for my AP Computer Science A courses for over 10 years. can’t remember which edition I started with but they’re up to the 8th edition now. It provides a thorough and comprehensive introduction to the language of Java. Though the book teaches the language in general, I find it gives AP students all that they need in order to begin to prepare for the AP exam .This book is certainly geared towards the learning and simulating a classroom experience.


  • Your bases covered – you’ll learn all the essential concepts of the language including object-oriented┬áfeatures and graphical user interfaces
  • Each chapter has self-tests, programming exercises, and projects
  • The chapters are easy-to-follow in a narrative format which is ideal for self-guided learning
  • There is an online component that gives you access to all of the code from the book


  • Even at the 8th edition, the book has a lot of type-o’s
  • The very splintered “graphics supplement” can be confusing and a bit of a departure from the traditional foundation that the rest of the book offers.


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